Our Candidates

Recruiters  with connections you can count on

At Larson Katz & Young we are professional networkers: our days are spent introducing ourselves to the people you need to know. Our top priority is finding talented individuals and placing them in environments where they will thrive. Working with LKY ensures that you gain a relationship that will assist your professional development for life. Throughout our alliance we will refer you and your colleagues to career changing opportunities that we feel match your interests. We will introduce you to the right people to succeed in your chosen career. With our services you’ll be shaking hands with the hiring manager in no time.

LKY will help with each stage of your job search:

  • Locate opportunities suited to your skills and aspirations
  • Set up interviews
  • Negotiate compensation
  • Navigate resignation and counter offers
  • Post placement follow through to ensure a successful match

We have developed relationships with hiring managers and top executives for over two decades. LKY works only with healthcare technology companies giving us a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Our search process ensures that we only present you with opportunities matched to your passions and ambitions.

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