Connecting Healthcare Professionals to the Right Employer

At Larson Katz & Young, we help healthcare professionals with their career development throughout their working years. Our firm will introduce you and your colleagues to career-changing opportunities that match your background, interests and ambitions.

Helping Candidates Throughout Their Career Journey

We will introduce you to the right companies and opportunities based on conversations we have with you regarding your specific interests. Our efforts are tailored to each step of the job-hunting process. With our help, you could be shaking hands with your new hiring manager in no time.

Identifying Opportunities Suited to Your Skills and Aspirations
Setting Up Interviews
Providing Accurate Feedback Every Step of the Way
Negotiating Compensation
Navigating Resignation and Counteroffers

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At Larson Katz & Young, we are professional networkers. We connect you to the people you need to know in order to move your career forward. Our top priority is finding an environment where our talented candidates will thrive.

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Our Edge

Wide Network of Contacts

Meet the right people at the right time to help get your dream job. We have developed solid relationships with hiring managers and top executives for over three decades.

Extensive Experience in This Field

Our company works closely with healthcare technology organizations, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the industry. This knowledge allows us to pinpoint the perfect company for your skills and aspirations.


Start a Partnership With Us!

Work with recruiters who have connections you can count on. Get in touch with us for help in finding the right company for your skillset. We look forward to assisting you in getting your dream job!